If you have a problem with your desktop or laptop PC then we can fix it for you. Simply bring your laptop or desktop PC into us and we will diagnose the problem and advise you of costs to repair. We can repair many problems including:

Computer Running Slow
This can be for a variety of reasons, it may just need a good software cleanup, you may have a virus, your fans and cooling system may need cleaning, your hard drive may be failing or it may be another problem. We will repair any problems and get your PC back to normal for you.

Laptop Screen Replacement
If you have broken your laptop screen, or your screen is not working correctly, then bring it in to us for replacement. We will diagnose the problem and recommend the best approach to put it right.

virusVirus Removal
Computer running slow? Keep getting popups when web browsing? Programs seemingly closing themselves for no reason? If you have any of these symptoms then chances are you have some form of malware or virus on your machine. In most cases we can remove the malware without affecting your files.

Hard Drive Replacement
Should your computer not load Windows (or other OS) correctly, or maybe it randomly crashes or locks up, you may have a failing hard drive. We can replace this for you and may be able to rescue your data too. Upgrades to a faster SSD drive are also available.

wifiWifi Problems
Having trouble connecting to your Wifi? Can't connect to the internet? Perhaps your emails have stopped working. We can fix this for you, whether it be a virus, driver problems or Windows errors we can diagnose and repair your PC.

This is just a small selection of the problems we can deal with. Can't get to us? Not a problem, we also do home & business visits too. We don't only repair computers either, we can repair game consoles, and other small electrical items too.


There are many cost effective upgrades that we can perform on your computer. We can help you choose the correct parts, will make sure they are compatible with your PC and advise cost. Once fitted we will fully test your computer to ensure there are no problems. Some popular upgrades are:

RAMRAM (Memory)
A memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) upgrade can help speed up your computer. The computers RAM is what stores the programs that your computer is running. If you run multiple programs at once then this can soon be used up. What the computer will then do is start writing to a virtual memory file on the hard disk (which is extremely slow compared to RAM) and swap this into and out of RAM as needed. When this happens your computer will become very sluggish.

Hard DriveHard Drive
If you need more storage we can add an additional hard drive or change your current hard drive for a larger model. Hard drives get slower as they fill up so if your hard drive is nearing capacity (80% or more) you may find that your machine is getting sluggish as well. The faster your hard drive the faster your computer will feel as it is the hard drive that loads your operating system, applications and games. With capacities of 4TB or more available now there is a storage solution for all your needs.

SSD DriveSSD Drive
An SSD Drive or Solid State Disk Drive is like a hard drive but has no moving parts. It is compromised of flash memory chips and so is extremely fast, around 10 times faster than a traditional hard drive. If you have a hard drive in your desktop or laptop PC at the moment then an upgrade to a SSD drive will certainly make your computer feel a lot nippier. Because there are no moving parts involved, SSD drives are a more robust option for laptops as unlike a hard drive they are not prone to knocks and falls, they are also more energy efficient and so may make your battery last a bit longer too. At present SSD drives do not come in as large capacities as hard drives and prices per GB are more expensive but if you have the need for speed then this is definitely an option to consider.

Graphics CardGraphics Card
If you regularly use graphic intensive programs such as games, drawing applications or photo applications on your desktop PC then a graphics card upgrade can make a real difference. They can also enable you to use multiple monitors too which can be very useful for many office applications or games. Bear in mind that a graphics card upgrade may also require you to upgrade your power supply and case as well. We can of course advise you exactly what needs changing before proceeding.